Short Subjects Covering Long Distances

For the past couple of months, my church’s media department has been working on a way to do short documentary-style videos. We do a lot of interview and announcement pieces, but we’re still new at creating something that tells a story. We had a recent success with a piece on a local cancer survivor, but that one had a long gestation period– something like six months. After airing it during a recent sermon, we decided to turn our next video around in six weeks.

Fortunately, our team was up to the task. After getting direction from our pastor on what kind of story he wanted, we set to work lining up interviews, planning questions, and envisioning shots. I sat in the producer’s chair for this one, and I feel almost inordinately proud of the result.

That being said, let me introduce you to Jason: a triathlete and former Marine. We interviewed him and his running partner, Kyle, to find out how triathlon-level discipline meshes with spiritual life. Take a look.

Music credit: “A Walk” by Tycho.

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